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MFG PartMFGDescriptionPrice
C9152-67905HPNew part for C9152-69005 MAINTENANCE KIT Kit (120V) - Replacement Parts after 350k Pages Includes Fuser Assembly 7 Feed/Separation Rollers 2 Pickup Rollers and Transfer roller$495.00
CH955-67070HPCleaning maintenance kit - For DesignJet printers$229.90
H3967-60001HPMaintenance kit (220V) - Includes fuser assembly, separation pad, transfer roller, tray 1 and 2 pickup rollers - NOTE: replacing these parts requires the use of the service manual$237.00
Q5669-67050HPPreventive maintenance kit - Includes the carriage assembly, trailing cable, ink supply tubes, belt, scan axis motor, and a lubrication kit - For the 24-inch DesignJet Z3100 photo printer series$1,323.35
C3915-67906HPMaintenance kit (220V) - Replacement parts after 350K pages includes, Fuser Assembly, eight feed/separation rollers, and transfer roller - NOTE: Pickup rollers are not included in this kit - Please order separately if needed$641.20
Q7842-67902HPADF MAINTENANCE KIT ADF maintenance kit - Includes the ADF paper pickup roller assembly and the separation pad assembly $145.00
C3141-67915HPMaintenance kit (120V) - Includes Fuser Assembly, separation pad, transfer roller, printer pickup roller, lower cassette pickup roller, and instructions$316.81
C4110-67914HPMaintenance Kit (120V) - Includes Fuser Assembly, Seperation$442.70
H3971-60001HPMaintenance Kit - 120V - Most common wear parts - Includes, transfer roller, pickup roller, separation pad, idler roller assembly, and Fuser Assembly - Procedure requires service manual$174.00
CR649-67003HPPreventive maintenance kit 1 - Includes the carriage with cutter assembly scan-axis motor tube system with trailing cable and belt - For the 44-inch Designjet T Series printers.$617.40
Q6652-60147HPPreventive maintenance kit - Includes the scan-axis motor encoder strip belt assembly carriage assembly without PCA cutter assembly and color sensor - For 60-inch plotters$1,619.76
C4118-67910HPMaintenance kit (220V) - Includes (new) 220VAC Fuser Assembly, transfer roller, six pickup/separation rollers, MP Tray/Tray 1 pickup roller, vinyl gloves, and instruction guide$310.00
CR357-67072HPPreventive maintenance Kit - Includes scan axis motor belt carriage cutter carriage PCA encoder strip ink tubes and trailing cable$977.11
Q2436-69006HPLaserJet 4300 maintenance kit - (120V) - Includes refurbished Fuser Assembly, separation roller, transfer roller, feed roller for Tray 1, two feed rollers for 500 sheet tray, one feed roller for 1500 sheet tray and installation instructions$395.00
Q1860-67915HPLaserJet 5100 maintenance kit - Includes (220V) fusing roller, transfer roller, Tray 1/250 sheet tray separation pad and pickup roller, 500 sheet separation/feed and pickup roller, MP Tray separation pad, cleaning brush, gloves and instructions$451.00
CH956-67058HPSMK1 Calico 60 SK$4,275.00
B3M78AHPHP LaserJet 220V Maintenance Kit, Print and Imaging Supplies-Maintenance Kits/Supplies.$298.69
CE663-67901HPKit-SEPARATION PAD Separation pad assembly - Located on the paper pick-up assembly $35.00
5182-7318HPMaintenance kit$875.00
Q2430-69005HPLaserJet 4200 maintenance kit - (220V) - Includes fusing assembly, separation roller, transfer roller, feed roller for Tray 1, two feed rollers for 500 sheet tray, one feed roller for 1500 sheet tray and installation instructions$245.00
Q2432A-ROLLER_KITHPHP 4300N roller kit assembly includes: one - 1 Transfer Roller, four - feed Rollers, two - 2 pick up rollers, one - 1 pickup D-roller tray 1, one - 1 separation pad, and transfer roller tool. See replacement instructions on website, printer tech help.$65.00
Q6702-60546HPGrease kit - For the scan beam columns and carriage rails$53.68
Q2437AHPFuser assembly - For LaserJet 4300 series - For 220 to 240 VAC operation - Bonds toner to paper with heat$410.00
C2H67-67901HPFuser maintenance assembly kit - For 110 VAC - Includes fuser, pick-up and feed rollers, and secondary transfer roller -Estimated life 200,000 pages $553.77
CE841-67904HPKit-Paper delivery tray Install Replacement, delivery tray and feed tray. $110.00
Q6687-67003HPPreventive maintenance kit - Includes the carriage assembly with trailing cable, ink supply tubes, belt assembly, scan-axis motor assembly, and lubrification kit - For the DesignJet 44-inch T1100/T1100ps/T610 printer series $1,454.00
CQ109-67010HPPreventive maintenance kit one - Includes the scan-axis motor, encoder strip, belt assembly, and carriage assembly (without PCA, cutter, and ESP) - For 42-inch plotters$1,763.40
Q5421-67902HPLaserJet 4250/4350 maintenance kit - For 120VAC - Includes fusing assembly, separation roller, transfer roller, feed roller for tray 1, two feed rollers for 500 sheet tray and installation instructions$246.15
C6095-60173HPMaintenance kit - Includes lens maintenance kit, carriage interconnect wiper kit, roller lubrification kit, and platen cleaning instructions $205.00