Secured Account

Manage secured transactions for IT Service parts organizations

As organizations make the shift to a service-oriented architecture (SOA), their expectation is better business functionality, lower IT service cost, and improved developer productivity. Managing their total business output production growth, along with non-secured on-line transaction can impair total business growth. We can manage your on-line transactions via a secured account interface.

For the Customer:

Make Secured Account your one-stop shop for on-line transactions. By extending our relationship with our prestige partnerships we allow you to use one outlet for your multiple on-line transactions. Security for online transaction is our number one priority. We eliminate transaction frauds by making sure that the payment gateway you choose supports basic fraud detections and that all required authentication measures are in place. So wheather you choose Visa – MasterCard – American Express – or Pay pal, you can count on us.

For the Partner:

Reduce cost on multiple business crippling fees like; the hassles of meeting PCI compliance requirements, reducing gateway cost and fees, along with outrageous on-line processing fees. You can finally get rid of your point of sales equipment and support fees. Save tons of money on processing card fees and ssl fees.


We will facilitate the financial background business operations. If you are one of our partners, your customers will be able to contact us directly and enquire about their on-line transactions and order tracking information. However, product information – i.e. warranty, quality, descriptions, etc., lies with the perspective supplier or/and manufacturer.


When it comes to choosing on-line payments and transactions, security measures need to be scrutinized; business and customer confidence depend on it. Secured Account effectively manages all facets of security on an ongoing basis. It is crucial to have data secured via a 128-bit digital certificate. Moreover, the data center where payment gateway servers are housed requires on going updates regarding its physical security as well as current information security. Firewall and intrusion detection are key components as well as having an optimal secured database and hacker proof transaction gateway system.